Glitch Team 5854

The team was created in 2015 and was assigned the number 5854. The founding members decided to name the team GLITCH, a nod to Murphy's Law and the challenges they were sure to face. Team 5854 began as a robotics mini-competition put on for high school students in partnership with the UNC Asheville Mechatronics Department. It eventually grew into GLITCH, an FRC team based at UNC Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina. GLITCH is a team of roughly twenty-five students and a large number of mentors. Because the surrounding area was so lacking in youth STEM activities, glitches come from nearly ten different high schools, and the team openly recruits students from all over Asheville and the WNC area.

Are you interested in joining the team? Well get excited because team 5854 GLITCH is accepting new members! If you are interested in becoming a Glitch, please fill out this application and submit it by September 7th.

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